For the past 30 years, Diyar Najd for Special Projects (DNSP), has been a local leader in authentic architecture. Our story started through the design and construction of Al-Atheriyah Heritage Village one of Saudi Arabia landmark authentic architectures; Al-Atheriyah then became a celebrated destination for official delegations, events and ceremonies. It has been viewed as a showcase of Saudi (Najdi) heritage and culture. After gaining the success of our first development, DNSP, we've started receiving high demand to deliver many residential projects for high net-worth clients. Given the uniqueness of such architecture; our services expanded to operations and maintenance .

Then , we expanded our domain to cover other authenti architecture Projects in other regions of Saudi Arabia, such as Asir, Alula, Aljouf, Najran, and Eastern Province .

Since our approach in authentic architecture is anchored on deep research of local culture history and based on customers’ needs and requirement, we continue to serve the authentic architecture, heritage restoration and historical buildings; as well as expanding our business and customers through the introduction of our new designs and construction of mothentic (modern-authentic) architecture.

Our Vision

Local and regional leadership in authentic and monthentic architecture

Our Objectives

 Expanding our portfolio of authentic architectural projects to cover all of the 13 regions of Saudi Arabia and the GCC region.

 Development and delivery of leading mothentic (modern-authentic architecture) projects.

 Excellence in our organizational human capital capabilities